Apna Ghar is proud to be the only residential care home in the South-East which caters primarily for individuals from Ethnic Minorities with mental health concerns. Founded in 1997, the safety and well-being of our residents is at the heart of our core values and the personalised, custom built environment reflects our commitment to providing the highest quality care.

We understand the importance of retaining a sense of self and individuality. All of our residents are free and welcome to practice their own faiths and all our trained staff speak Punjabi, Urdu and Hindi. The décor embraces a range of beliefs, faiths and cultures from the Indian subcontinent and our kitchen provides healthy, nutritious Indian and English cuisine (vegetarian options are also available). In addition, we subscribe to all Indian television channels and enrichment activities are also available. Family visits are welcome and can be arranged at mutually convenient times. Every effort is made to give our residents a feeling of familiarity, tradition and comfort.

Care Management Software

Changes in government legislation has inadvertently 
placed higher demands on the care sector as a whole. Our 
care software provides a comprehensive electronic care management system that addresses these shared challenges head-on. It works to serve proprietors, managers, staff 
and service users in delivering an efficient and client 
focussed facility.

Apna Ghar therefore uses the most technologically advanced care software available in the UK. Staff are equipped with Apple Ipads to refer to each service user’s bespoke care plans at any given time and record and monitor their actions on a daily basis and in real-time.

The software provides a sophisticated solution to the most prevalent challenges facing care providers enabling us to transform care, improve service user outcomes, meet regulations and save time. 
As a result of this, staff at Apna Ghar are able to concentrate on providing suitable, first-class care without a need for having to spend time completing vast amounts of paperwork and thus compromising quality time that can be spent with each service user.

It is also imperative that our organisation’s information is handled safely and sensitively. The data processed by our software is protected with multiple layers of security, including data encryption and a secure cloud storage infrastructure.


All meals are freshly prepared on site. Indian and English dishes are available, as well as vegetarian options which are prepared in separate kitchens.


Located in Kingswood Road, Gillingham, Apna Ghar is a short walk to the local High Street where residents enjoy regular walks and visits. The home is also ideally situated with excellent and easily accessible transport links to mainline rail stations and the M2/A2 motorway.